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Public Meetings on Road Projects

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MPO Bylaws

TCC/CAC Bylaws


Minutes to Previous MPO and TCC/CAC Meetings

Fiscal Year 2015 Meetings

December 17, 2014 TCC/CAC Minutes

March 4, 2015 MPO Minutes

June 3, 2015 TCC/CAC Minutes

June 17, 2015 MPO Minutes

July 14, 2015 MPO Minutes

August 19, 2015 Minutes


Fiscal Year 2014 Meetings

October 30, 2013 TCC/CAC Minutes

November13, 2013 MPO Minutes

February 19,2014 TCC/CAC Minutes

March 12, 2014 MPO Minutes

April 30, 2014 TCC/CAC Minutes

May21, 2014 MPO Minutes

July 30, 2014TCC/CAC Minutes

August20, 2014 MPO Minutes

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Mobile Metropolitan Planning Organization

Members FY 2017

Sandy Stimpson- Mayor, City of Mobile

Jerry Carl - Mobile County Commissioner

Bess Rich - Councilman, City of Mobile

Fred Richardson - Councilman, City of Mobile

Jimmie Gardner - Mayor, City of Prichard

Lorenzo Martin - Councilman, City of Prichard

Byron Pittman - Mayor, City of Chickasaw

Howard Rubenstein - Mayor, City of Saraland

Thomas Williams - Mayor, City of Satsuma

William Criswell - Mayor, Town of Creola

Terry Downey - Mayor, City of Bayou La Batre

Tyrone Parker - General Manager, WAVE Transit

Vincent E. Calametti - Southwest Region Engineer, ALDOT

Bryan Kegley - Mobile County Engineer

Norman Walton - Member, SARPC

David Baker - Mayor, City of Semmes

Non-Voting Members

Robert J. Jilla - Multimodal Transportation Engineer, ALDOT

Mark Bartlett - Division Administrator, FHWA

Rickey Rhodes - Executive Director, SARPC

Technical Coordinating Committee

Dianne Irby - Executive Director of Planning and Development. , City of Mobile

Nick Amberger - Deputy Director Public Works, City of Mobile

Bert Hoffman - Urban Development, City of Mobile

Jennifer White - Traffic Engineer, City of Mobile

Mary Beth Bergin - Traffic Engineer, City of Mobile

Ricky Mitchell - Mobile County

James Foster - Mobile County

Bryan Kegley - Mobile County

James Jacobs - Economic Development, City of Prichard

Fernando Billups - City of Prichard

Matthew Lambert - City of Saraland

Edwin Perry - Southwest Region, ALDOT

Gerald Alfred - WAVE Transit

Bob Harris - State Docks

Thomas Hughes - Mobile Airport Authority

Rickey Rhodes - Executive Director, SARPC

Margie Wilcox - Private Transit Provider

Leslie Beard - Freight Transportation Provider

John Murphy - At large 1

John Blanton - At large 2

Citizens Advisory Committee

Merrill Thomas - Mobile County

Donald Watson - City of Mobile

Carletta Davis - City of Prichard

VACANT - City of Saraland

Tom Briand - City of Satsuma

VACANT - Town of Creola

Carl Butler - City of Bayou La Batre

Dennis Sullivan - City of Chickasaw

Ginny Russell - Chamber of Commerce

Troy Wayman - Chamber of Commerce

Casi Callaway - Mobile Baykeepers

Jennifer Denson - Partners for Environmental Progress

Katherine Pitman - Mobile United

Dr. Henry J. Koch - Mobile County Health Department

Jeff Zoghby - At large


Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory committee

Ms. Jessica Melton - Team Share the Road

Mr. Doug Sims - Team Share the Road

Ms. Jennifer White - City of Mobile, Traffic Enigineer

Ms. Mary Beth Bergin - City of Mobile, Traffic Engineer

Mr. Butch Ladner - City of Mobile, Traffic Engineer

Mr. Bert Hoffman - City of Mobile, Urban Development

Dr. Edward Flotte - Mobile County Health Department

Mr. Bryan Kegley - Mobile County Engineers Office

Mr. Ricky Mitchell - Mobile County Engineers Office

Katherine Pitman - Mobile United/Leadership Mobile, Executive Director

Mr. Don Powell - Ninth Division Engineer, ALDOT

Mr. Edwin Perry - Ninth Division Engineer, ALDOT

Mr. Daniel Driskell - Ninth Division Engineer, ALDOT

Mr. Fred Rendfrey - Downtown Mobile Alliance

Ms. Carol Hunter - Downtown Mobile Alliance

Mr. Mike Groutt - Smart Coast

Mr. Nik Halberg - Mobilians on Bikes

Mr. Jeb Schrenk - Citizen

Mr. Bill Finch - Citizen

Mr. John Blanton - Mobile Bike Club/Urban Assault






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