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March 16, 2018

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Transportation Planning for the Future

Our transportation system, with its vast network of roads, bus routes, rail lines, sidewalks, and bicycle paths is the backbone of our region. Coordinated planning of that system is critical to the continued growth of our local and regional economies. Planning is also important to ensure that as the system grows to manage the traffic congestion caused by economic development, it does it in a way that is sensitive to our region's valuable natural and community resources. The Transportation Department of the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission is the staff to the Mobile Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Rural Planning Organization.

If you have any comments for the Mobile Metropolitan Planning Organization, we invite you to send us a comment. Click HERE for a form to printed and mailed or faxed.

For Title VI information, please click HERE.

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MPO Class
July 19, 2017 Presentations
Click HERE


Click HERE Authorized Projects List for 2017 and 2018

Click HERE for the updated Human Services Coordinated
Transportation Plan FY 2016-2019

Click HERE for the FY 2018 Unified Planning Work Program

Click HERE for WAVE Transit update on route changes

Click HERE for TAP application information

Click HERE for 2017 3-C Agreement


Final 2016-2019 Transportation Improvement Program Click HERE

Study Area Maps
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August 22, 2016 Presentation
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Destinaton 2040 Long Range Transportation is now available for review.
Please click HERE to view.


Cell Phone Captures of Who is Crossing the Bay
Click HERE for the graph comparison of November 13, 2013 and July 2, 2014


Authorized Projects List for 2017 and 2018
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FINAL unified planning work program 2017
Click HERE for more information

For more Information on
Destination 2040

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long range plan

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2007 to 2040 Urban Predictions (File is .gif and may take awhile to load)
Urban Predictions

Mobile 1984 to 2012 (File is .gif and may take awhile to load)
Changes in Mobile Landscape



Special programs and studies



We are now on FACEBOOK. Like our page. cid:image001.jpg@01CE636A.365F1FD0

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