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ITS Detour Rerouting Study

The development of the diversion routes may help to greatly reduce the effects of an emergency or disaster along the Interstate system in Mobile County by having a plan in place to set up temporary traffic control and divert traffic in order to reduce secondary crashes, eliminate excessive traffic delays, and increase the safety of emergency responders.

The establishment, maintenance, and efficient removal of roadway diversions can be effectively managed through interagency planning that includes representatives from highway, public safety, and local media agencies. Through road users need to have sifficient guidance around the incident. Providing good public relations is highly beneficial; the cooperation of local media in notifying the general public about the existence of and reasons for traffic management can be helpful in keeping drivers and the general public informed.

The end result of the study will provide the participating agencies with plans to divert traffic in the event of Interstate closures lasting more than two hours; a plan for responding to these emergencies and setting up the necessary traffic control measures; and will provide a plan to implement a regional ITS system using a phased approach.

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Documents for the ITS Detour Rerouting Study

Diversion Study Phase I1

Diversion Study Phase IV

DRAFT Final Report January 12, 2011