Mobile Area Transportation Study, MPO Policy Board Members, 2021

Mayor, City of Mobile - Hon. William S. Stimpson (MPO Chairperson)
Mobile County Commissioner - Hon. Connie Hudson (MPO Vice Chairperson)
Mobile County Engineer - Mr. Bryan Kegley
Councilman, City of Mobile - Hon. John Williams
Councilman, City of Mobile - Hon. Fred Richardson
Mayor, City of Prichard - Hon. Jimmie Gardner
Councilman, City of Prichard – Hon. George E. McCall, Jr.
Mayor, City of Chickasaw - Hon. Barry Broadhead
Mayor, City of Saraland - Hon. Howard Rubenstein
Mayor, City of Satsuma - Hon. Mark Barlow
Mayor, Town of Creola - Hon. Don Nelson
Mayor, City of Bayou La Batre – Hon. Henry Barnes, Sr.
Mayor, City of Semmes – Hon. Brandon Van Hook
General Manager, the Wave Transit System – Mr. Damon Dash
Southwest Region Engineer, ALDOT - Mr. Matt Ericksen
Member, SARPC - Mr. Rob Middleton
Bureau Chief, Local Transportation, ALDOT (Non-voting) – Brad Lindsey
Division Administrator, FHWA (Non-voting) - Mr. Mark Bartlett
Executive Director, SARPC (Non-voting) - Mr. John F. “Rickey” Rhodes


Mobile Area Transportation Study
Metropolitan Planning Organization
Joint Technical / Citizens Advisory Committee Members

Alabama Legislative Rep. - Hon. Margie Wilcox
Alabama State Docks - Mr. Bob Harris
ALDOT Southwest Region Planning - Mr. Edwin Perry
At Large - Mr. John Blanton
Citizen - Mr. Donald Watson
Citizen - Mr. John Murphy
Citizen - Mr. Merrill Thomas
City of Bayou La Batre – Mr. Frank Williams
City of Chickasaw - Mr. Dennis Sullivan
City of Mobile - Mr. Nick Amberger
City of Mobile - Ms. Shayla Beaco
City of Mobile - Ms. Mary Beth Bergin
City of Mobile - Mr. James DeLapp
City of Mobile - Ms. Jennifer White
City of Prichard - Mr. Essie Johnson
City of Prichard - Mr. Fernando Billups
City of Prichard - Mr. James Jacobs
City of Saraland - Hon. Newton Cromer
City of Saraland - Ms. Shilo Miller
City of Semmes - Jason Franklin
City of Satsuma -  vacant
Freight - Mr. Brian Harold
At-Large - Mr. Jeff Zoghby
Mobile Airport Authority - Mr. Chris Curry
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce - Ms. Nancy Hewston
Mobile Bay Keeper - Mr. Cade Kistler
Mobile County - Mr. Ricky Mitchell
Mobile County - Ms. Kim Sanderson
Mobile County - Ms. Rhonda Gulledge
Mobile County Health Dept. - Dr. Laura Cepeda
Mobile United, Executive Director - Ms. Christienne Gibson
Partners for Environmental Progress - Ms. Jennifer Denson
Private Transit Provider - Vacant
SARPC - Mr. John F. “Rickey” Rhodes (TCC/CAC Chairperson)
The Wave Transit System - Mr. Jamon Mosley


Mobile Area Transportation Study
Metropolitan Planning Organization Bicycle / Pedestrian Advisory Committee Members

 John Blanton, Mobile Bike Club Urban Assault (BPAC Chairperson)
Edwin Perry, Alabama Department of Transportation, Southwest Region
Daniel Driskell, Alabama Department of Transportation, Southwest Region
Daniel Otto, City of Mobile Parks and Recreation Department
Jennifer White, City of Mobile Traffic Engineering
Marybeth Bergin, City of Mobile Traffic Engineering
Butch Ladner, City of Mobile Traffic Engineering
Jennifer Green, City of Mobile
Bill Finch, Cyclist
Fred Rendfrey, Downtown Mobile Alliance
Carol Hunter, Downtown Mobile Alliance (BPAC Vice-Chairperson)
Ted Flotte, Health Department, Mobilians on Bikes
Richard Spraggins, Mobile County Engineering
Timothy Wicker, Mobile County Engineering
Brad Wittmann, Mobile County Engineering
Ashley Dukes, Midtown Mobile Movement
Stephanie Woods-Crawford, Mobile County Health Department
Meredith Driskin, Mobile Baykeeper
Green Suttles, Mobile United
Dorothy Dorton, AARP
Dr. Raoul Richardson, Citizen
Ben Brenner, Mobilians on Bikes
Mark Berte, Alabama Coastal Foundation/ Livable Communities Coalition
Allison Reese, City of Satsuma
Debi Foster, The Peninsula of Mobile
Linda St. John, the Village of Springhill

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