Recent Planning Studies

Planning Studies

  • US 45 Feasibiilty Study
  • This study is currently underway. Public participation is an important part of this study. Public meetings will be posted on the website and our facebook page.
Mobile Area Demand Response
 Transit System Feasiblity Study


The Mobile Area Demand Response Transit System Feasiblity Study kicked off on Ocotober 31st, 2019. The study will assess the feasibility of demand-response transit as a solution to improve mobility in Mobile County and to provide connections to fixed-route transit.

Past Planning Studies

  • 2014 Transit Development Study (TDP)

  • The TDP summarizes the existing Wave Transit system and provides a series of phased recommendations that comprise the ten-year TDP.

  • Climate Change Study

    The Climate Change Study began in 2008 and was completed in 2013. The groundbreaking U.S. DOT Gulf Coast Study produced tools and lessons learned that transportation agencies across the country are using to assess vulnerabilities and build resilience to climate change. Phase 2 was completed in 2015, Phase 1 in 2008.

  • Downtown Mobility Study

    The Downtown Mobility Study was completed in 2015. The study took an in-depth look at bicycle and pedestrian issues within the downtown area and along the radial connections from adjacent neighborhoods outside the Henry Aaron Loop.

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