• Streetscape Improvements are eligible and should include items such as sidewalk replacement, landscaping, pedestrian lighting, etc. These enhancements must be located in the downtown area (central business district in front of store fronts). This is the only instance where replacement of deteriorated sidewalks is an eligible item.
  • Curb Cut -to achieve ADA compliance.
  • Lighting when it is decorative landscape or pedestrian lighting. Lighting is limited to 30%of the project cost. ·
  • Landscaping as included in a streetscape project.
  • Signs if there is a direct relationship to the project: Examples include historic interpretation or destination/distance/direction signs.
  • Fencing for safety purposes only.
  • Paving is approved on a case-by-case basis for repair of a street that may have been unavoidably damaged in the course of the enhancement project.
  • Historic streets may be restored or preserved.
  • Drainage is approved on a case-by-case basis where it is required for construction of the project. Drainage is limited to a small percentage of the overall project.
  • Project Oversight- Construction engineering and inspection: Examples include: certified concrete, architectural, landscaping, and construction inspection, etc. Oversight is limited to 15% of the project cost. If the sponsor chooses to hire a consultant for project oversight, they must follow ALDOT's latest consultant selection procedures.


  • Hardscapes (e.g. signs at entrances to cities, fencing, water fountains, towers, flag poles, statues, etc.)
  • Landscaping along minor roads/streets (residential areas)
  • Enhancements such as sidewalks, landscaping and lighting on the interior of educational institutions.
  • Street lighting, traffic signals, flashers
  • Parking lots (stand alone)
  • Amphitheaters
  • Pavilions
  • Walking tracks and circular paths. The project should move users from point A to point B.
  • Enhancements to parks, playgrounds, and installation of exercise equipment
  • Curb and gutter (unless absolutely necessary for sidewalk construction or as an integral part of a streetscape.
  • Preliminary Engineering and design. (Consultation engineering fees, architectural fees, etc.)
  • Curb and gutter islands
  • Sidewalks along dirt roads
  • Sidewalks in residential areas (unless the sidewalks lead to business, schools, public use facilities)
  • Sidewalk rehabilitation
  • Operations or maintenance activities
  • Annual plants
  • Highway and Bridge construction (resurfacing, milling, concrete islands, etc.)
  • Utilized as matching funds for other federal transportation funded projects
  • Enhancements on proposed projects, streets, roads, bridges, etc.
  • In-Kind Services cannot be used for local match requirement
  • Profit, overhead and taxes
  • Workmanship warranties


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