Transportation Planning for the Future


ALDOT                 Alabama Department of Transportation

BR                       Bridge

BSP                     Base and pave

CAC                     Citizens Advisory Committee

CAP                     Transit Capital

CMS                     Congestion Management System

CMSC                   Congestion Management System Committee

CN                        Construction

CR                        County road

EJ                         Environmental Justice

FCS                      Functional Classification System

FHWA                   Federal Highway Administration

FTA                       Federal Transit Administration

GDB                     Grade, drain, and bridge

GPB                     Grade, drain, base, pave, and bridge

GPS                     Global Positioning Satellite

GIS                       Geographic Information System

HES                     Hazard Elimination and Safety (Discretionary competitive STP funds)

IM                        Interstate maintenance

ISTEA                  Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991

ITS                       Intelligent Transportation System

LRTP                    Long Range Transportation Plan

MATS                   Mobile Area Transportation Study

MP                       Mile post

MPA                     Metropolitan Planning Area (identified by the Census Bureau)

MPO                     Metropolitan Planning Organization

MT                        Maintenance program

MUTCD                 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

NHS                     National Highway System

Ninth Division        ALDOT Division

PE                       Preliminary Engineering

PL                        Planning Funds

ROW                    Right of way

SARPC                 South Alabama Regional Planning Commission

Section 5303         FTA Metropolitan Planning Funds

Section 5307         FTA formula funds for urbanized areas

Section 5309         FTA capital program funds (currently earmarked by Congress)

Section 5310         FTA Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Program funds

Section 5311         FTA Formula Funds for Rural Transportation Programs

SR                       State road

STIP                     State Transportation Improvement Program

STP                      Surface Transportation Program

TCC                      Technical Coordinating Committee

TE                        Transportation Enhancement

TEA-21                 Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century

TIP                       Transportation Improvement Program

UA                       Urbanized Area (identified by the Census Bureau)

UC                       Urban Cluster (identified by the Census Bureau)

UPWP                  Unified Planning Work Program

UT                        Utility work

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