Transportation Planning for the Future


November 29, 2017 at 10:00 am
110 Beauregard St, Mobile, AL
GM&O Building, 2nd Floor

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Joint Mobile Metropolitan Planning Organization/TCC/CAC
December 13, 2017 at 10:00 am
110 Beauregard St, Mobile, AL
GM&O Building, 1st Floor


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MPO and Advisory Committee Officers


Fiscal Year 2017

Mobile Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

William S. Stimpson, Chairperson Mayor, City of Mobile

Technical Coordinating Committee / Citizens Advisory Committee (TCC/CAC)

Rickey Rhodes, Executive Director, SARPC


South Alabama Regional Planning Commission (SARPC)

Serving as staff to the MPO

Rickey Rhodes, Executive Director

Kevin Harrison , Transportation Planning Director

Thomas Piper, Senior Transportation Planner

Monica Williamson , Transportation Planner

Anthony Johnson, Transportation Planner

MPO and Advisory Committee Members

 Fiscal Year 2017

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Mayor, City of Mobile - Hon. Sandy Stimpson (MPO Chairman)

Mobile County Commissioner - Hon. Jerry Carl

Mobile County Engineer - Mr. Bryan Kegley

Councilman, City of Mobile - Hon. Bess Rich

Councilman, City of Mobile - Hon. Fred Richardson

Mayor, City of Prichard - Hon. Jimmie Gardner

Councilman, City of Prichard – Hon. Lorenzo Martin

Mayor, City of Chickasaw - Hon. Byron Pittman

Mayor, City of Saraland - Hon. Howard Rubenstein

Mayor, City of Satsuma - Hon. Thomas Williams

Mayor, City of Creola - Hon. William Criswell

Mayor, City of Bayou La Batre – Hon. Terry Downey

Mayor, City of Semmes – Hon. David Baker

General Manager, the Wave Transit System - Mr. Tyrone Parker

Southwest Region Engineer, ALDOT - Mr. Vince Calametti

Member, SARPC - Mr. Norman Walton

Bureau Chief, Local Transportation, ALDOT (Non-voting) - D.E. "Ed" Phillips, Jr.

Division Administrator, FHWA (Non-voting) - Mr. Mark Bartlett

Executive Director, SARPC (Non-voting) - Mr. John F. “Rickey” Rhodes


Mobile Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization Joint Technical / Citizens Advisory Committee Members

Alabama State Docks - Mr. Bob Harris

At Large – Mr. John Blanton

Freight - Mr. Brian Harold

Citizen - Mr. Don Watson

Citizen – Mr. Merrill Thomas

Citizen – Mr. John Murphy

City of Chickasaw - Mr. Dennis Sullivan

City of Mobile Deputy Director of Public Works - Mr. Nick Amberger

City of Mobile Traffic Engineering – Ms. Mary Beth Bergin

City of Mobile, Executive Director of Public Works - Ms. Dianne Irby

City of Mobile, Traffic Engineer - Ms. Jennifer White

City of Mobile, Urban Development - Mr. Bert Hoffman

City of Prichard - Mr. James Jacobs

City of Prichard - Mr. Fernando Billups

City of Prichard – Ms. Donye Woodard

City of Saraland – Mr. Matthew Lambert

City of Satsuma - Mr. Tom Briand

MARC – Mr. Jeff Zoghby

Mobile Airport Authority - Mr. Thomas Hughes

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce - Ms. Kellie Hope

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce - Mr. Troy Wayman

Mobile Bay Keeper - Ms. Casi Callaway

Mobile County Engineers Office - Ms. Kim Sanderson

Mobile County Engineers Office - Mr. Ricky Mitchell

Mobile County Health Dept. - Dr. Ted Flotte

Mobile County Traffic Operations - Mr. James Foster

Mobile United, Executive Director - Ms. Katherine Pitman

ALDOT Southwest Region Planning - Mr. Vince Beebe

Partners for Environmental Progress - Ms. Jennifer Denson

Private Transit Provider - Ms. Margie Wilcox

SARPC - Mr. John F. “Rickey” Rhodes*

The Wave Transit System - Mr. Gerald Alfred

Bicycle / Pedestrian Advisory Committee Members

John Blanton, Mobile Bike Club Urban Assault

Michael Southerland, Airbus

Edwin Perry, Alabama Department of Transportation, Southwest Region

Daniel Driskell, Alabama Department of Transportation, Southwest Region

Daniel Otto, City of Mobile Parks and Recreation Department

Jennifer White, City of Mobile Traffic Engineering

Marybeth Bergin, City of Mobile Traffic Engineering

Butch Ladner, City of Mobile Traffic Engineering

Bert Hoffman, City of Mobile Urban Development

Melanie Baldwin, City of Prichard

Jeb Schrenk, Cyclist

Bill Finch, Cyclist

Fred Rendfrey, Downtown Mobile Alliance

Carol Hunter, Downtown Mobile Alliance

Edward Flotte, Health Department, Mobilians on Bikes

Richard Spraggins, Mobile County Engineering

Ricky Mitchell, Mobile County Engineering

James Foster, Mobile County Engineering

Ashley Dukes, Midtown Mobile Movement

Kelly Warren, Mobile County Health Department

Hanlon Walsh, Mobile Baykeeper (BPAC Vice-Chairperson)

Green Suttles, Mobile United

Ryan Mains, Livable Communities Coalition

Ann Hails, AARP

Katherine Pitman, Mobile United/Leadership Mobile

Ben Brenner, Mobilians on Bikes

Mike Goutt, Alabama Coastal Foundation

Elliott Lauderdale, Alabama Coastal Foundation

Jessica Melton, Team Share the Road

Jeff DeQuattro, The Nature Conservancy/ MOB Cooperative (BPAC Chairperson)



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